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An eight year old on sunday was walking up to the front of the sanctuary caring a large plaque with an American flag on it. Upon reaching the pulpit he tugged on the pastor's clothes. Looking up with his big innocent eyes he asked: "What is this?"

The pastor responded: "It is a plaque to honor those who died in our service."

The eight year old began shaking and asked with a nerves stutter: "Is that the 8:00 or 9:00 service?"

Today we had a prominent guest speaker. He introduced his family and let each one tell their story. His five year old said: "We can truly feel the harmony of the Holly Spirit since we stop saying the S and F words in our house." The entire congregations gasped simultaneously. How could a leader in the Church utilize such words. The speaker quickly replied: "Just so you know, the words in question are stupid and fart."
One day, while I was preaching to 136 elementary students, little Bobbie came up on stage and tugged at my coat tails: "Billy has his finger in his nose!" he explained with great emotion.

"That's ok, please and sit down." Little boys always have their fingers in their noses...

Undaunted by my lack of concern Bobby spoke louder: "Billy has his finger in his nose!!!"

Getting a little frustrated and not wanting to show it: "Wow, please sit down..."

"But Billy has his finger in his nose."

"Ok, why should I care?"

"Because it is bleeding!"

True story, 2005 New Life Church Gahanna OH, James D. Corder.

Home | Tell us your funny stories, so we may use them on-line.